HVP Magazine - Geberit Mapress: the fast and safe alternative to traditional jointing methods

2022-11-08 20:51:15 By : Mr. Jason Huang

Ask any installer and they will have their preference when it comes to installing piping. Whether it be plastic or metal, there are many different techniques. Geberit Mapress offers a versatile, safe, and simple solution suitable for a wide range of applications. Offering a host of installation benefits on-site, press fitting continues to gain traction with installers who are keen to work faster and smarter without compromising on quality.

The benefits of press fitting Water Distribution Manifold

HVP Magazine - Geberit Mapress: the fast and safe alternative to traditional jointing methods

Traditional jointing methods such as soldering and screwed pipe can be awkward and sometimes unpractical for the job at hand. Site conditions and safety regulations sometimes make soldering an impossibility, even before you consider the cooling down period which is required for hot works – clearly not conducive with more efficient working practices in competitive markets.

So, make the switch from welded, screwed, or socketed joints to press-fit installations, which allow for quicker and easier installation and maintenance. Press fitting can deliver a number of installation benefits to deliver a more cost-effective and time-efficient job, while also improving safety.

Press-fit is quicker to install than traditional jointing methods. It is easier to fit (even at height) because engineers simply cut to length, deburr, mark up, mount the fitting, and press. A pressing jaw with jaw guide helps prevent any risk of the joint slipping or being pressed in the wrong place, and ensures reliable and durable connections.

A pressing indicator, which consists of a thin plastic foil encasing the pressing shoulder, gives a visible indication of a completed joint when the foil is removed during the pressing operation.

Press-fit system installations have long been estimated to take approximately 30% less time (if not greater) to install than their traditional counterpart methods.

Press-fitting is by no means a new technology and has, in fact, been available to installers for five decades or more. It is suitable for everything from domestic water to solar installations, gas supply pipework, compressed air, fuel supplies, and other industrial lines. Mapress is available in copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and CuNiFe (12 to 108mm).

As well as delivering a more cost-effective, time-efficient, safer job, it also improves reliability of joints too. Coloured pressing indicators are fitted over the ends of fittings, which offer easy identification of both the material and any unpressed joints during the installation process.

The jointing process is simple. Installers simply need to cut the pipe to size, debur the inside and outside, mark the socket insertion depth on the pipe, push the pipe into the socket of the fitting, then press the joint and connecting pipe using the Geberit pressing tool. There is no need for lubrication and the joints will leak until pressed to show incomplete pressing during pressure testing.  

Geberit pressing tools are compact and lightweight. Suitable for restricted construction situations, they feature a slim, non-slip handle for reliable handling, an electrohydraulic drive and integrated LEDs to provide good visibility in dark corners.

To find out more visit www.geberit.co.uk/mapress

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HVP Magazine - Geberit Mapress: the fast and safe alternative to traditional jointing methods

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